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A Night to Remember: „Mistletoe & Milestones“ Event at Elbphilharmonie

What a magical evening of collective collaboration! Yesterday, the highly anticipated event „Mistletoe & Milestones“ unfolded outside the gates of the impressive Elbphilharmonie. In just a few hours, the sought-after tickets were completely sold out, and approximately 280 enthusiastic guests gathered to experience an unforgettable evening together.

Enchanting Atmosphere at Elbphilharmonie

The atmosphere was charged as guests entered the venue with pre-Christmas anticipation. There was indulgence, laughter, and toasts – nearly 200 liters of mulled wine were enjoyed by attendees. The festively decorated venue illuminated in warm light as guests celebrated the pre-Christmas atmosphere late into the night. A Christmas event of the Hamburg innovation ecosystem that stands out.

Looking Forward to Future Collaborations

With satisfaction, we are already looking ahead to the start of the year on February 15th at Hamburger Ding, organized by the same passionate hosts. May the enthusiasm and unity felt on this evening continue to shape future events in the Hamburg innovation ecosystem.

Giving Back Through Collaboration

A noteworthy highlight: Through excellent collaboration with our partners and organizers, we not only executed this unique event but also raised a substantial amount through Statify’s raffle. This gratifying sum will be donated to the children’s hospice Sternenbrücke.


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We are proud to introduce BARMER as our main sponsor for the event.

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